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Cairo intends to buy the Rafale fighters with a loan, but ministry officials are unwilling to grant the loan because Egypt had borrowed a huge amount to finance its arms purchase from France.

A report of The gallery says the French finance ministry has blocked the sale of 12 Rafale fighters to Egypt.

Cairo intends to buy the fighters with a loan, but ministry officials are unwilling to grant the loan because Egypt had borrowed a huge amount to finance its arms purchase from France.

Egyptian leader Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is expected to raise the issue with President Emmanuel Macron during his visit to Paris this week.

In November 2014, it was reported by several sources that Egypt was in negotiations with France to purchase 24 to 36 Rafale, subject to the financing agreement. In February 2015, the two countries negotiated a loan with the French export credit agency to conclude an export agreement for up to 24 Rafale fighters. Egypt hoped to quickly secure the deal to exhibit planes at the inauguration of the Suez Canal expansion in August 2015.

On February 16, 2015, Egypt became Rafale’s first international customer by officially ordering 24 Rafale, as part of a larger contract (which also included a FREMM multipurpose frigate and a supply of missiles) worth $ 5.9 billion (€ 5.2 billion). . The Egyptian order includes 8 single-seater and 16 two-seater models. In July 2015, the official ceremony marking the reception by Egypt of its first three Rafales, was held at the Dassault Aviation flight test center in Istres. In January 2016, Egypt received three additional Rafale for a total of six fighters. The six aircraft are two-seater models (Rafale DM) and were diverted from delivery to the French Air Force. Egypt received the third batch of three Rafale fighter jets (which were also the first single-seat Rafale to join the Egyptian Air Force and were designated Rafale EM) from France in April 2017. Egypt took delivery the fourth batch of two Rafale EM fighters. in July 2017. The Egyptian Air Force was to receive three other Rafale fighter jets in 2017, bringing the number of aircraft in service to 14 Rafale.

In June 2016, it was reported that Egypt was in negotiations with Dassault to acquire 12 additional Rafale for a total of 36.

Photo credit: AHMED XIV via Wikipedia and Staff Sgt. Gary Emery / US Air Force

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Ségolène Royal denies having banned the cleavage at the French ministry


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Ségolène Royal, former companion of French President François Hollande and mother of her four children, denied allegations that she ordered female staff at the Ministry of the Environment to “dress appropriately” and avoid revealing the tops .

The report, published by the French weekly Point Thursday, claimed that Royal, who joined Holland’s socialist government following a cabinet reshuffle earlier this month, also banned smoking in the ministry’s courtyard and gardens in his presence.

Denying the “ridiculous rumors” on her Twitter account, Royal said the only instruction she had given to her colleagues was to be frugal in their use of public funds.

This is not the first report of this type to appear in the French press.

Last week, The Express, another French weekly, said the new environment minister had also banned the “bise”, the traditional French kiss on the cheek, urging staff to greet her with a more formal handshake instead.

Official presidential runner-up, Royal, 60, has made a remarkable comeback after a series of political setbacks, including a humiliating defeat in the 2012 parliamentary elections.

She has been criticized in the past for her allegedly dictatorial behavior and is often described by French media as the “Iron Lady”.

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Cleveland meteorologist Mark Johnson annoyed by French ministry travel warning


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Cleveland meteorologist Mark Johnson annoyed by French ministry travel warning

Through Alaina Nutile

to Thursday, November 14, 2013 To 9:10 a.m.

The French ministry has reached out to many Cleveland residents after recently issuing a warning to travelers who deem three Cleveland neighborhoods unsafe.

But none seem more upset than Power of 5 chief meteorologist Mark Johnson, who took to social media to express his outrage.

His weather report last night was a sarcastic two-word update:

Since then he has banned all that is French-

Note to France, don’t mess with our suburban neighborhoods and don’t mess with our meteorologist.

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French finance ministry warns against money laundering through castle purchases


The French Ministry of Finance published a report on money laundering and drew particular attention to the risks of buying vineyards abroad.

Château La Commanderie in Pomerol sold to a couple from Hong Kong in May 2013

The annual report, entitled Processing of Intelligence and Action Against Clandestine Financial Circuits, or Tracfin, is the result of a working group within the Ministry of Finance created in 1990 during the G7 summit, and underlines that a significant number of suspicious or risky activities have been reported in the wine real estate sector in 2012.

Led by the director Jean-Baptiste Carpentier, Tracfin’s mission is to collect information on all suspicious transaction reports linked to possible money laundering or tax evasion. The report specifically points out that transactions of vineyards with links to Russian, Chinese and Ukrainian buyers have raised questions.

“Complex legal structures are created, often with shell companies based in tax-advantaged countries,” he notes, “which make it difficult to establish the identity of the end buyer and the origin of the funds. used for the purchase ”.

The investigation also revealed that French holding companies can be created, all of the shareholders and head office of which are based in tax-advantaged countries outside of France.

The report comes as China raised the issue of money laundering at the “national strategic level,” according to People’s Bank of China vice-governor Li Dongrong in May 2013.

The Chinese economy lost $ 3.7 trillion in illicit capital outflows between 2000 and 2011, the Washington-based research group Global Financial Integrity said last year.

The French economy is also sensitive to the loss of money due to non-payment of taxes and other public finance measures, as it continues to struggle with the current recession – although some observers note that the need for funds within local economies means fewer questions are asked of buyers.

Written by Jane Anson

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Royal denounces “intolerable conflicts” at the French ministry


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French socialist Ségolène Royal said on Monday that internal conflicts at the finance ministry had become “intolerable” and called for a cabinet reshuffle, but denied applying for a cabinet post.

In a series of media interviews on Sunday and Monday, former presidential candidate Ségolène Royal criticized President François Hollande’s Ministry of Economy and Finance for what she described as “intolerable backbiting” . The socialist regional governor also called for a cabinet reshuffle, but denied applying for a cabinet post.

Who is who in Bercy

Minister of Finances: Pierre Moscovici.
Minister of Consumer Affairs: Benoît Hamon.
Budget minister : Bernard Cazeneuve (who replaced Jérôme Cahuzac following his admission of tax evasion).
Minister of Industrial Renewal: Aranud Montebourg.

“What is intolerable, especially for those who are fighting to create movement and jobs, is this backbiting between ministers,” she said Monday on French radio France Inter. “We must put an end to it and restructure what is called Bercy [the ministry of finance]. “

“This is the ministry that everyone is turning to right now,” she added. In a separate interview with the French daily Le Monde On Monday, she described the ministry as “a vast galaxy” and said everyone knew it needed a restructuring. “It’s no secret, the president said it himself,” she said.

Royal also criticized the Hollande government for dragging its feet on election promises such as same-sex marriage, which was legalized in April. “The marriage equality bill should have been passed last summer,” she said.

Personal ambition

Asked about her own ambitions to be appointed minister, Royal said it was “not on the cards” but added that “no matter what” she would certainly stand for re-election as regional governor of Poitou-Charentes, a role she has held. since 2004.

Royal’s new book, ‘This Beautiful Idea of ​​Courage’.

In February, Royal was appointed director of the new Public Investment Bank, a public institution responsible for financing small businesses.

But before that, she suffered a series of political defeats since her defeat in the 2007 presidential elections to Nicolas Sarkozy. She failed to secure a seat in parliament in June after suffering an embarrassing defeat to a socialist rival – which was notoriously backed on Twitter by Holland’s girlfriend, Valérie Trierweiler, in what became a scandal national. She was even more disappointed in June when Hollande chose not to appoint her to his cabinet.

Royal, who is the former companion of Holland and mother of her four children, is currently promoting her book “This beautiful idea of ​​courage” (translatable enough as “A great vision of courage”).

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Ministry of Ecology and Ministry of Sports websites hacked, user data leak


S3NZU3, a Brazilian Cyber ​​Army (BCA) hacker claims to have hacked two websites belonging to the French Ministry of Youth and Sports and the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy.

The first target is the site of the Regional Directorate for the Environment of Aquitaine (donnes.aquitaine.developpement-durable.gouv.fr) administered by the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy.

The second target is the Regional Directorate of Youth and Sports – Lower Normandy (drdjs-basse-normandie.jeunesse-sports.gouv.fr), of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

On the site of the regional management of the environment of Aquitaine, the hacker disclosed about 800 names and e-mail addresses, as well as 43 additional records including usernames, passwords, e-mail addresses. and names.

From the Regional Directorate of Youth and Sports, S3NZU3 published the names, email addresses and passwords of around a hundred people.

The hacker told me that he targeted the organizations because he considered them corrupt. In addition, he did it for “freedom, peace and love”.

The information contained in the data breach appears to be legitimate. It doesn’t show up in any older data breaches and some of the people whose details have been compromised are actually working within government departments.

To note. Since the files posted by the hacker contain information that doesn’t appear to be public, along with easy-to-crack MD5 password hashes, I make no connection with the data leak.

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