ADS Advance – MBDA delivers 1,000th MMP missile to French ministry

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Following the authorization of the Directorate General of Armament (DGA), the French purchasing agency, MBDA completed the delivery of a batch of MMP (Medium Range Missile) to the Joint Service for Munitions (SIMu) on November 16, 2021, which included the 1,000th MMP.

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According to the Military Programming Law, the delivery of 1,950 missiles is expected by 2025.

Used by the French armed forces since 2017, the MMP has also been commissioned by Belgium and Sweden. The MMP is the latest generation anti-tank missile in service to have been successfully engaged in combat on several occasions.

With more than 100 training tests and firing under its belt, MMP is able to face all the threats of the battlefield, in all types of environment: extreme cold or hot, urban, maritime and mountainous spaces. It can also be fired from confined spaces, an essential capability for urban combat.

The MMP offers both a “shoot and forget” capability, allowing the operator to move to another position immediately after the missile is fired, and a “man-in-the-loop” capability for engagements requiring minimized risk of fire. collateral damages. Using a dual band visible / uncooled infrared seeker, MMP can acquire hot and cold targets and then track them completely autonomously. For engagements requiring continuous monitoring of the man in the loop, a fiber optic link relays the imagery from the homing heads to the firing station.

With the firing station and missile equipped with capabilities such as localization, orientation and digital communication, the MMP is capable of engaging beyond line of sight (BLOS) targets as well as those in line. of direct sight, and, if required, under the permanent control of its operator or its commander.

The MMP is equipped with an unprecedented tandem warhead that is versatile and capable of handling a wide range of targets, including field fortifications, armored vehicles or even battle tanks equipped with the most modern reactive armor.

In a disassembled version, the MMP has a light firing station that can be easily transported by humans. The MMP can also be mounted on various platforms such as light and armored vehicles and naval platforms. The modular architecture of the MMP weapon system allows its integration on different types of turrets such as IMPACT, or heavier ones such as the one equipped with the 40 CTA gun.

All these technical characteristics make the MMP the most versatile latest generation land combat missile on the market.

The development of an air-to-ground version was launched by the French Ministry of the Armed Forces at the end of 2020 with the MHT (Top Frame Missile / top frame missile), a long-range missile intended to equip Tiger attack helicopters. It is also a candidate for arming the European Eurodrone MALE as well as land vehicles.

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