An independent Russian TV channel in exile wants to create a “secret network” of journalists

In a tiny, stuffy production studio in Paris crammed with wires, panels and computer screens, a Russian director-cameraman carried out tests of internet and satellite signals.

Next door, journalist and presenter Denis Kataev sat behind a brightly lit white desk with a green curtain backdrop in what would become the setting for the channel’s flagship “Here and Now” newscast.

“Educated exiled Russians, independent progressives like us are for now more useful in Europe preparing the ground for resistance much like General Charles de Gaulle from London in World War II,” Kataev said, who fled Russia the first week of the Russian war. invasion of Ukraine, told the Telegraph.

However, he added: “We are creating an underground network of ‘secret agents’ who are anonymous journalists or bloggers operating inside Russia. It is very important to stay in touch and maintain ties. This is the challenge.

“We are finding ways to contact them, exchange information and pay them. Of course, I can’t say who they are because it can be very dangerous.

“An information war”

Working for foreign media is not a crime in Russia, but the team is wary of repercussions for would-be contributors if they break censorship laws.

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