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Investigators in France raided the country’s justice ministry as part of an investigation into Eric Dupond-Moretti, the man appointed by President Emmanuel Macron to shake up the justice system, his lawyer said.

Dupond-Moretti, who was appointed Minister of Justice in July 2020, is under investigation after conflict of interest complaints were filed against him by France’s largest magistrates’ unions.

They argue that part of his work as a leading lawyer before his role in government makes him biased against some judges.

The minister said the unions were seeking to end changes he intended to make to the justice system, including televising court events and updating judges’ training manuals.

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His legal representative, Christophe Ingrain, said Thursday that his client was “calm” after the search, which he said involved 20 armed gendarmes in what was a “totally disproportionate” use of force.

Speaking to journalists outside the justice ministry, Ingrain accused investigators of a “violation” of the private life of Dupond-Moretti.

Ingrain said he did not know what material investigators were looking for, but told media Thursday night the raid was underway.

He said search efforts were complicated by the discovery of keyless safes that date back to the 1960s and were to be broken into by a locksmith.

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Before Dupond-Moretti took office, he claimed that the National Financial Prosecutor’s Office (PNF) illegally seized his telephone records and those of other lawyers as part of a corruption investigation against former French President Nicolas Sarkozy .

He lodged a complaint – which he then dropped – against a PNF magistrate who he said had used “Cowboy methods” to access the evidence.

Dupond-Moretti’s efforts to file a complaint against the judge is one of two issues unions see as a potential conflict of interest.

The other is that he represented a Monegasque police officer who was the subject of an investigation by a local magistrate for suspicion of corruption.

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