Denmark to create ‘Ukrainian villages’ for refugees

“We started with the normal integration policy, but with the estimates that are in front of me, if we continue, we will not recognize our welfare society,” Migration Minister Mattias Tesfaye said in an interview with the daily. Berlingske.

According to the minister, the number of Ukrainians arriving in Denmark could exceed 40,000 by April 17, double the number of Syrians who fled the country’s war in 2015.

“Ukrainians will be housed in a type of Ukrainian village, which may have child care and education for children in Ukrainian, which the Ukrainians themselves help to facilitate,” he said.

These “villages”, which would be spread all over Denmark, could be set up in former hospital complexes, schools, barracks or disused retirement homes, the minister said.

Each would house around 100 people, but Tesfaye did not say how many the Danish government planned to create.

Denmark passed a law last month allowing asylum seekers from Ukraine to quickly start work or school and exempting them from a controversial measure imposed on other asylum seekers that confiscates their assets to fund their reception in the country. Denmark.

Passed in 2015, the measure allows Denmark to seize cash exceeding 10,000 Danish kroner ($1,460) or items worth more than that to fund the cost of accommodation while their claims are being considered.

Since March, nearly 19,000 Ukrainians have applied for residence permits in Denmark and more than 2,600 have been granted one.

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