Fears as the couple dig into the eroded beach cliff to pitch a tent

The sight of two people setting up camp by digging into the side of a beach cliff in danger of collapsing has raised safety concerns at a beauty spot. It is understood the couple were left homeless.

It was feared that the tide would sweep them away to see, or that the already eroded cliff would crumble on top of them. The tent was pitched under The Island House Bridge on Towan Beach, Newquay a few days ago, Cornwall Live reports.

After a post about the pair was shared on a Facebook page, one person said: “They’ll get wet in a storm and the cliffs around don’t help. It might end up falling right over them “The saddest thing is the desperation which means this is the best option for them. Where are we as a society?”

Another resident said: “I know there is a housing shortage, but surely there are more environmentally friendly and safer places to sleep than spending two days removing half of the cliff and to throw it into the sea! Such a waste. Nobody cares, they’re building a house. to live there permanently. Besides, it’s going to destabilize the cliff… and they’re still going there, and nobody wants to know about it.

Some people have commented that the couple should be treated with kindness as no one is aware of their situation, with another resident saying: “When you’re in such a desperate situation, logic and judgment go out the window. C “is very sad, easy for us to pass judgment from the comfort of our warm and safe homes. I’m sure these men are just in survival mode but unfortunately making dangerous choices.

Someone else said, “There’s a sign above that says caution about cliff erosion.” Others feared that the tide would carry them out to sea.

Video footage from Monday May 16 showed the pair were still there digging up the ground. However, they were not there when CornwallLive visited the scene.

A local resident, who asked not to be named, said: “I am worried about the cliff and the environment and the impact it will have on the surrounding area if this cliff were to collapse. The steps have been swept away a few years ago and it took Cornwall Council two years to rebuild the steps, and that was in a time when there was no Covid.”

DISC Newquay’s Monique Collins acknowledged the couple, having supported them through the charity, and said they felt they had “no safe place to go”. She added that more needs to be done to help provide housing for the homeless, so people don’t end up in such situations.

“They’ve been pushed from pillar to post and they have nowhere to go,” she explained. “It’s not particularly the best place for them, but they were desperate. They don’t feel safe for them to stay in the city center because they feel they will either be mistreated or they are told to move on.

“It’s not as easy as saying they could stay in a campsite because it’s very expensive. We need more social housing to support people who find themselves in these situations. It’s really sad and I hope they can get some help.”

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