France wants to create an institute in Karnataka, declares Minister Narayan | Latest India News

Karnataka’s Higher Education Minister Dr CN Ashwath Narayan on Wednesday announced that the French government wanted to establish an “Indo-French University Institute” in Karnataka, which would train students with world-class skills.

These statements came after Narayan met Thierry Berthelot, the newly appointed French consul general in Bangalore.

“France is interested in offering courses in the Health category which include biotechnology to artificial intelligence, drugs and health products, pharmaceutical management, advanced pharmaceutical engineering. In the Industry 4.0 category, he wants to start courses in cybersecurity, data analysis, machine learning, etc. Those who study the above courses will receive joint diplomas (Indo-French diplomas), ”according to a statement from Narayan’s office, attributing it to the minister.

The institute’s courses, the minister said, will be aligned with the needs of businesses and train students with world-class skills.

Karnataka has seen several partnerships recently, especially in research and development. The state government headed by Basavaraj Bommai has also proposed a policy focused on research and development in the state.

The state council for higher education also said it has decided to partner with the NSE academy to provide financial awareness to students.

“The state government is open-minded about this program. This will enable them to provide students with financial awareness and scientific knowledge about entrepreneurship. This will impart knowledge to students about economic policies, financial technology, the capital market, central banks, among other topics. In addition, it will include the exchange of knowledge between students and faculties of colleges in the state, ”said Narayan.

NSE Academy has already introduced this program in seven states nationwide, and around 70 lakh students have been trained, the minister added.

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