French Senate delegation arrives in Taiwan for six-day visit – News

French Senate delegation arrives in Taiwan for six-day visit – News – RTI Radio Taiwan International

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  • June 08, 2022

  • Leslie Liao
A group of French senators arrive in Taiwan on Wednesday morning

A group of French senators arrived in Taiwan on Wednesday for a six-day visit. The delegation is headed by the vice-president of the French Senate’s foreign affairs committee, Joël Guerriau.

Guerriau is also vice-president of the French parliamentary group for friendship with Taiwan. He is accompanied by four other French legislators from different political parties.

Vice Foreign Minister Harry Tseng received the delegation at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport on Wednesday morning.

Speaking at the airport, Guerriau said he was honored to be able to come to Taiwan, especially as COVID-19 has made travel difficult. He called Taiwan a model of democracy and said he looked forward to understanding the country better.

Guerriau will meet several Taiwanese officials during the delegation’s stay. He will meet President Tsai Ing-wen on Thursday, where he will receive the Ching Yun Medal for his contribution to exchanges between Taiwan and France.


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