French Senate votes to ban hijab for Muslims under 18

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The French Senate voted to ban the wearing of the hijab to young Muslim girls under the age of 18.

The vote, which took place on Tuesday, March 30, also aims to ban women accompanying a school trip from wearing a hijab and prohibits people from wearing burkinis, a female swimsuit that covers the entire body, in public swimming pools.

French senators who voted in favor of these rules believe that the so-called anti-separation bill will ban “ostentatious religious symbols by minors and any dress or clothing that would mean an inferiorization of women compared to men” in the spaces public.

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However, the vote does not mean it has entered into force. The bill must be confirmed by the National Assembly for this to happen, 5 pillars United Kingdom reports.

Right-wing Senator Bruno Retailleau called the hijab and burkini ‘sexist’, ‘a marker of women’s submission’ and a flag of separatism ‘.

Every time we have proposed to toughen this text, especially with regard to the veil and ostentatious signs, the government has backed down.

Stop telling us that the veil is only a piece of cloth when it characterizes the claim of the Islamist ideologues to impose on us a counter-society, distinct from the national community… The situation is extremely serious.

Amnesty International Europe has since condemned the bill and said it violates the rights and freedoms of the French, especially Muslims.

The organization’s researcher, Marco Perolini, said in a statement: “Time and again we have seen French authorities use the vague and ill-defined concept of ‘radicalization’ or ‘radical Islam’ to justify the imposition measures without good cause, which could lead to discrimination in its application against Muslims and other minority groups. ‘

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka is seeking to ban the burqa after the country’s Minister of Public Security described it as “a sign of religious extremism”.

Switzerland banned the wearing of the burqa in public places in March after a referendum passed with a majority of 51%.

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