French service promises big savings on bills

A website that helps consumers find better deals on utilities and other household contracts says they can save between €500 and €2,500 a year with its services.

The site lists 10 areas where households are said to be able to cut their bills, ranging from electricity to mobile internet connections.

A dedicated “advisor” finds your offers

Since it went online last June, it has received between 25 and 30 calls a day.

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The site is initially free for customers and earns money by charging a 20% fee on the savings they make the following year.

Co-founder Christophe Crémer said The connection“The biggest savings are in home insurance, where people are often over-insured by €50,000 for contents, compared to the actual cost of replacing what they have.

“We save them €250 a year just on that.

“Behind that comes internet connections – people are paying for 70GB data connections when they’re only using 1GB.”

The search results in two days

After registering on the site, customers called send copies of their bills, and individual “advisors” then set about finding better deals with the same level of coverage or coverage better suited to their needs. , usually within a day or two. .

“The potential is huge,” said Mr. Crémer.

“So many people in France take subscriptions and never change, when if they looked closely they would realize they were paying way too much.”

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