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Lucknow: French company Air Liquide, which supplied oxygen across the country during the second wave of Covid, is investing Rs 350 crore to set up an Air Separation Unit (ASU) in the Kosi region of Mathura District
The unit with a production capacity of 350 tons per day of gases such as O2, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen and carbon monoxide should be commissioned by the end of November 2023. It wouldn’t just meet the oxygen demand of the country’s most populous state. but will supply the surplus O2 to other states also for medical and industrial purposes. Speaking to TOI at an exhibit held during the Third State Dedication Ceremony, Air Liquide Product Manager Diptesh Mallick said, “Air Liquide is installing an ASU in Kosi that would be dedicated to a industrial and medical use. This unit will have a production capacity of 350 tonnes per day, with a maximum of 300 tonnes of oxygen. We expect to start operation by the end of 2023.”
The 120-year-old French company has been present in India since 1992 in cities like Panipat, Roorkee, Pune and Vadodara. During the corona pandemic, Air Liquide provided logistical support for six weeks to supply 180 tons of O2 from Qatar to several hospitals across India with the help of the Indian Navy and Air Force Indian.
The company currently supplies various types of gases, including O2, to 2,500 hospitals and 1,000 industrial units. The company is also building another ASU in Nagpur.

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