Liverpool area mayor Steve Rotheram will appear before the French Senate to discuss the chaos of Paris

Liverpool City area mayor Steve Rotheram will appear before the French Senate later this week to discuss the chaos of the Champions League final in Paris.

On Thursday, Mayor Rotheram will appear before the French Senate’s standing law and culture committees to speak to senators about his own experiences in the final and his views on the issues that arose before and after the match. He is also likely to be asked to comment on the responses given by French ministers in the wake of the chaos.

Mayor Rotheram was one of many Reds fans targeted by local gangs in Paris. He had tweeted about the chaotic scenes ahead of the game as thousands of Liverpool supporters were dragged into dangerous spaces before being targeted with pepper spray and tear gas by French police. But as he waited to enter the Stade de France, the metro mayor had his phone and other essentials stolen by locals.

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He had tweeted that he witnessed “completely chaotic” scenes as he waited to enter the stadium on Saturday. He said: “A complete breakdown of control and communication off the pitch. All relevant authorities must be held accountable for this failure.”

On the Monday after returning home, he added: “Sorry if I’ve been quiet since Saturday but, like too many others, I had my phone and other stuff stolen by divers on the approach to the stadium .”

In a follow-up statement, discussing the broader issues faced by so many fans in Paris. Mayor Rotheram said: “As a lifelong fan and representative of the Liverpool City region, I have been outraged by the treatment of Liverpool supporters by the French police. The scenes outside the Stade de France, before and after the match, were completely chaotic, with what seemed like a breakdown in control and communication.

“What happened was hard to see. As fans took to the ground hoping to have the night of their lives, it appears the Mounted Police went in search of conflict. More than any other club, our supporters understand the danger that poor organization and policing of a football match can be It was disappointing to see how easily supporters of other teams seem to have swallowed the lies and misinformation perpetuated by UEFA and the French authorities – especially when social media has been flooded with images that show the real truth.”

Following the events in Paris, French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin and Sports Minister Amélie Oudea-Castera caused outrage by repeatedly trying to blame Liverpool fans for the chaos. During a frenzied Senate hearing, they doubled down on their misleading claims of fake tickets and even smeared Reds fans along the way.

UEFA, which has promised to carry out a full investigation into what happened, has since apologized to Liverpool and Real Madrid fans for the “scary scenes” they experienced.

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