Naver Webtoon settles in France

The corporate logo of Naver Webtoon (Naver Webtoon)

Naver Webtoon, the online cartoon platform of South Korean tech giant Naver, announced on Monday that it will open a European branch in France by June in a bid to further expand its presence in the global market.

“The branch, tentatively called ‘Webtoon EU’, will oversee webtoon services in France, Germany and Spain, and discover new business opportunities in other European countries,” a Naver official said.

“With Webtoon EU, Naver Webtoon will foster a strong overseas presence with the other two branches in North America (Los Angeles) and Japan (Tokyo).”

Naver Webtoon also plans to serve another 200 webtoons in French and another 100 webtoons in German.

The company will carefully nurture and select local amateur webtoonists in Germany by launching an open webtoon platform called Canvas starting this year.

Launched in 2019, Naver Webtoon is ranked first in terms of sales and number of monthly active users among local webtoon apps served by Google Play and Apple’s App Store in France. Naver’s German service started last year and took first place in terms of sales and number of subscriptions.

Although he refrained from disclosing the number of monthly active users in France and Germany, a Naver official said the number was “increasing”.

The number of users has already reached 14 million in the United States and 13 million in Southeast Asian countries, she added.

Naver Webtoon has a total of 82 million monthly active users worldwide as of January.

Monthly sales generated by subscription fees and advertisements topped 100 billion won ($82.6 million) in January, he added.

Launched in 2017, Naver Webtoon offers webtoons in 10 languages ​​in over 100 countries.

By Byun Hye-jin ([email protected])

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