Nearly 50 foreign universities interested in setting up campuses and offering duplicate courses with Indian colleges: UGC

A total of 48 overseas universities have expressed interest in the University Grants Commission (UGC) initiative to organize joint and dual degree programs in partnership with Indian colleges. Responding to new UGC regulations and guidelines for the management of partnership programs between Indian and foreign universities, the University of Glasgow, Scotland has expressed interest in discussing the potential for academic collaboration.

According to a report by a major news daily, several other universities have also shown interest in establishing satellite campuses in India. Deakin University, Australia, in its communication to UGC, hailed the New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 as a “progressive” policy that will help it build new relationships with Indian institutions. The NEP 2020 was introduced by the Government of India with emphasis on contemporary arrangements of higher education.

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The new regulations and guidelines for collaborations between Indian and foreign universities were notified by UGC in 2020. The new rules allow students to obtain dual degrees from Indian and foreign tertiary institutions separately and simultaneously.

The report adds that the University of Queensland, Australia is expected to meet with UGC officials in August this year and that discussions with a French university are also underway. The University of Tokyo, Japan, and the University of Cambridge are among other major universities that have shown interest in collaborating with Indian institutions.

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UGC President, Mr. Jagadesh Kumar, is expected to start talks with officials from overseas universities next week. Kumar will begin by meeting with officials from Australian universities. “Recently, there have been a lot of discussions between the PMs of India and Australia. Education is one of the important topics,” he said.

He added that the interest of foreign universities in collaborating with India stems from the fact that Indian students have established their names in different countries. Hence, known universities believe in the quality of education in India. Kumar said that one of the benefits of global universities coming and establishing campuses in India is that students will benefit from undergraduate and postgraduate programs as a basis for joining PhD programs in India or abroad. .

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