Puppy stolen at gunpoint in Romulus after thieves set up locksmith for theft

ROMULUS, MI — A husband and wife just want their dog back after their 11-week-old pup was stolen from them at gunpoint Wednesday night. According to WXYZ-Detroit, the couple – identified only as Jason and Amber – responded to a call for help in the 15000 block of Mesa Way for help with a car key.

Jason, a locksmith agreed to meet the caller and Amber joined him as she had just left her own job. The couple decided to bring along their pup, Rocky, a French Bulldog-Boston Terrier mix. Around 8:30 p.m., Jason met the man who asked him to have another car key made for his vehicle. Jason told the man he needed to see a license and registration to prove the man owned the vehicle.

But as Jason walked to the back of his truck to start the process, the man allegedly planted a gun in his back. By then, another man had approached the driver’s side window and was pointing a gun at Amber. The thieves demanded money and the equipment used to make keys, but when Amber said she had no money on her, the thief snatched the dog away.

A third man then pulled up in a silver Ford Fusion. The other two men got inside and fled. Anyone with information regarding the theft or whereabouts of the pup is asked to contact the Romulus Police Department at 734-941-8400.


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