Qatar University and UBS in France will create a double master’s degree in cybersecurity

The President of Qatar University, Dr. Hassan Al Derham, and the President of UBS, Dr. Virginie Dupont, after the signing of the agreement.

Doha: Qatar University (QU), represented mainly by the College of Engineering (CENG) and Université Bretagne Sud (UBS) in France sign a memorandum of understanding to establish a double master’s degree in cybersecurity which aims to promote the collaboration between researchers from both institutions.

Students who benefit from this program will be awarded a QU Master of Science degree in Computer Science and a UBS Master in Embedded Systems Cybersecurity.

QU students can carry out their research internship in Qatar or France, at QU or UBS, or in an approved company developing cybersecurity activities.

Students will receive two degrees in no less than two years, one from QU and one from UBS. All degrees offered by QU and UBS are state degrees and are internationally recognized and reputable. Qatar is experiencing phenomenal growth and government support in R&D and technological and engineering innovation on the path to transformation into a knowledge-based economy by 2030.

UBS and QU will collaborate and contribute with their recognized expertise in cybersecurity to deliver a unique graduate program that can achieve high visibility in the Middle East, attract new students to QU, and establish it as a regional center of excellence in cybersecurity.

QU Chairman Dr. Hassan Al Derham and UBS President Dr. Virginie Dupont signed the agreement.

Dr Al Derham said: “We are very pleased with this collaboration and the opportunity it represents for our students. I had the chance to visit Université Bretagne Sud before to see the students and see the progress and we are delighted to continue working with this institution. Hopefully this deal will open doors for others here in Qatar, especially as Qatar is going to have a very important year, as the country is hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and cybersecurity is a key area during this period.

Dr. Dupont expressed his sincere appreciation for the MoU, noting the many benefits the cooperation can bring to students at the University. UBS Visiting Professors will be able to participate in or develop research projects with QU staff. A joint committee will be set up to prepare the courses and monitor the academic and research progress of the students enrolled in the program.

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