Royal denounces “intolerable conflicts” at the French ministry


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French socialist Ségolène Royal said on Monday that internal conflicts at the finance ministry had become “intolerable” and called for a cabinet reshuffle, but denied applying for a cabinet post.

In a series of media interviews on Sunday and Monday, former presidential candidate Ségolène Royal criticized President François Hollande’s Ministry of Economy and Finance for what she described as “intolerable backbiting” . The socialist regional governor also called for a cabinet reshuffle, but denied applying for a cabinet post.

Who is who in Bercy

Minister of Finances: Pierre Moscovici.
Minister of Consumer Affairs: Benoît Hamon.
Budget minister : Bernard Cazeneuve (who replaced Jérôme Cahuzac following his admission of tax evasion).
Minister of Industrial Renewal: Aranud Montebourg.

“What is intolerable, especially for those who are fighting to create movement and jobs, is this backbiting between ministers,” she said Monday on French radio France Inter. “We must put an end to it and restructure what is called Bercy [the ministry of finance]. “

“This is the ministry that everyone is turning to right now,” she added. In a separate interview with the French daily Le Monde On Monday, she described the ministry as “a vast galaxy” and said everyone knew it needed a restructuring. “It’s no secret, the president said it himself,” she said.

Royal also criticized the Hollande government for dragging its feet on election promises such as same-sex marriage, which was legalized in April. “The marriage equality bill should have been passed last summer,” she said.

Personal ambition

Asked about her own ambitions to be appointed minister, Royal said it was “not on the cards” but added that “no matter what” she would certainly stand for re-election as regional governor of Poitou-Charentes, a role she has held. since 2004.

Royal’s new book, ‘This Beautiful Idea of ​​Courage’.

In February, Royal was appointed director of the new Public Investment Bank, a public institution responsible for financing small businesses.

But before that, she suffered a series of political defeats since her defeat in the 2007 presidential elections to Nicolas Sarkozy. She failed to secure a seat in parliament in June after suffering an embarrassing defeat to a socialist rival – which was notoriously backed on Twitter by Holland’s girlfriend, Valérie Trierweiler, in what became a scandal national. She was even more disappointed in June when Hollande chose not to appoint her to his cabinet.

Royal, who is the former companion of Holland and mother of her four children, is currently promoting her book “This beautiful idea of ​​courage” (translatable enough as “A great vision of courage”).

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