Ségolène Royal denies having banned the cleavage at the French ministry


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Ségolène Royal, former companion of French President François Hollande and mother of her four children, denied allegations that she ordered female staff at the Ministry of the Environment to “dress appropriately” and avoid revealing the tops .

The report, published by the French weekly Point Thursday, claimed that Royal, who joined Holland’s socialist government following a cabinet reshuffle earlier this month, also banned smoking in the ministry’s courtyard and gardens in his presence.

Denying the “ridiculous rumors” on her Twitter account, Royal said the only instruction she had given to her colleagues was to be frugal in their use of public funds.

This is not the first report of this type to appear in the French press.

Last week, The Express, another French weekly, said the new environment minister had also banned the “bise”, the traditional French kiss on the cheek, urging staff to greet her with a more formal handshake instead.

Official presidential runner-up, Royal, 60, has made a remarkable comeback after a series of political setbacks, including a humiliating defeat in the 2012 parliamentary elections.

She has been criticized in the past for her allegedly dictatorial behavior and is often described by French media as the “Iron Lady”.

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