Shaun Edwards reveals he wanted to join England after 2015 World Cup

Shaun Edwards has revealed he is keen to join the England coaching staff following their elimination from the 2015 Rugby World Cup in the group stages.

Edwards is perhaps the highest rated defensive coach in the world, having worked wonders with Wales alongside Warren Gatland, and is currently playing a major role in improving France’s fortunes.

The former rugby league player is of course English, although he has never worked with England before, despite his reputation.

Edwards was speaking on BT Sport and revealed he would have liked to join England after their sad home World Cup in 2015, due to the talent coming through the ranks.

Shaun Edwards wishing to join the England team.

“I really wanted to go after they were knocked out of the World Cup, despite not making the last leg in 2015,” Edwards said.

“I watched every Saracens player go through, and to me it was absolute no-brainer that they were going to win Six Nations competitions, over the next four-year cycles.

“And Eddie (Jones) came in and did a great job and won the first two, which didn’t surprise me because they had some outstanding players.

“They had a lot of players who obviously struggled after the World Cup and there’s nothing like someone who’s a bit unhappy.

“These are the type of players you want to prove and they did that, England lads. Saracens won a few trophies as well.

An offer was made in 2006.

The English RFU never approached Edwards with an offer after the 2015 World Cup, and as a result the Wigan man remained with Wales for another four years.

However, Edwards revealed that former England head coach Andy Robinson offered him a job in 2006, although he ultimately decided to stay on as Wasps head coach.

Although Edwards will remain with France until the end of the 2023 Rugby World Cup, the English RFU will probably try to bring him home after this tournament, as long as the Blues’ defense remains as resolute as they are. is actually.

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