Tejas light fighter jets: India offers to set up production facilities for light fighter jets and helicopters in Egypt

India has offered to set up production facilities for manufacturing light combat aircraft (LCA) as well as helicopters in Egypt as it seeks export opportunities in the Middle East region and of North Africa.

A series of high-level engagements have taken place with the nation and the head of the Egyptian air force is expected to visit India in a few days, during which his expertise in manufacturing and maintaining the fleet of planes will be presented.

Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari had visited Egypt in November last year and attended the Air Power Symposium and Defense Exhibition in Cairo. Currently, a delegation of 57 members of the Indian Air Force is in Egypt to participate in a tactical leadership program at the Air Force School in Cairo. The delegation includes three Su30 MKIs and two C17 aircraft.

Sources said the Egyptian Air Force needed nearly 70 light combat aircraft, with a focus on local production and technology transfer. Currently, the country operates a mixed fleet of aircraft of American, French and Russian origin and is keen to set up aircraft manufacturing facilities.

Besides the Tejas Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Mk1A offered to the nation, the Indian manufacturer

Limited () is also launching its line of native helicopters like the Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) and Light Combat Helicopter (LCH).

“Whether it is the requirement for fixed wing or rotary wing, India is offering to jointly set up production facilities there. There is a large demand in this region for such aircraft and Egypt will be a good base,” sources said.

India’s LCA is priced at around $42 million per unit, a price made possible given economies of scale after the IAF placed an order for 83 fighter jets of the Mk1A variant. As noted, India has emerged as the leader in Malaysia’s light fighter jet needs, with a comprehensive deal on the table that would include maintenance and spares for the country’s Russian-sourced Su 30 fighter jets. .

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