Temporary nightingale courts set up in the Wolverhampton Hotel and Telford town center will remain open until 2023

Wolverhampton Nightingale Ground is at the Park Hall Hotel & Spa

Nightingale courts in Wolverhampton, Telford and Birmingham are expected to remain open for another year.

The Ministry of Justice plans to close 11 of the temporary courts within weeks but keep 12 others open for another year.

Temporary courts set up to deal with the backlog of court cases during the Covid-19 pandemic in Middlesbrough, Peterborough, Nottingham, Warwick, Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton, Chester and Winchester are all due to be closed by the end of the month .

Others in Telford, Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Maidstone, Chichester, Leeds, Swansea, Cirencester and Fleetwood will all remain open until March 2023 as part of efforts to reduce the backlog of court cases.

Wolverhampton brides-to-be have had to frantically reorganize vendors, such as DJs and videographers, with some struggling to find a new venue for their required dates.

In London, courtrooms at Prospero House, Barbican and Croydon will also remain open. But others in Petite France and the Monument will close at the end of March and the beginning of April respectively.

Negotiations to find two more courtrooms in London are ongoing.

Justice Minister James Cartlidge said: “The Nightingale Courts continue to be a valuable weapon in tackling the unprecedented impact of the pandemic on our courts, providing temporary additional capacity.

“Combined with other measures – such as the removal of the cap on Crown Court sitting days, increased use of remote hearings and increased sentencing powers for magistrates – we are starting to see the backlog diminish. so victims can get the faster justice they deserve.”

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