The cryptocurrency-based platform is being set up for freelancers: FLDBCoin

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FLDBcoin for the happy self-employed

A project is in preparation to make life easier for freelancers. A freelance platform that will work entirely with cryptocurrency (FLDBcoin).

STRANRAER, UK, January 8, 2022 / – With the crisis comes the emergence of new technologies capable of addressing weaknesses in the current financial system. The COVID-19 pandemic affects all aspects of life including personal spending, the global economy and also education. In addition; Financial institutions are also encouraged to seek more resilient and transparent token-based solutions.

Due to the pandemic, the whole world has become accustomed to remote working. As a result, everyone recognized the advantages of working from home for another country.

There are different types of freelance work systems available these days. These platforms also have some flaws. FLDBcoin was created to address and resolve these issues. The most serious problem is the exorbitant commission rate, which can reach up to 20%. These commission rates will be reduced to less than 2% with FLDBcoin.

Another problem faced by freelancers is the payment infrastructure. It is possible to send and receive payments anywhere in the world by FLDBCoin. FLDBCoin is the abbreviation for FreeLancer DataBase. The project is now in its initial coin offering (ICO) phase and its website is accepting investment. It is currently in its 5th phase and is generating a lot of interest.

When the project is launched, he is about to work with a large number of freelancers. The website is available in six different languages, namely English, Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese and Turkish. Language selections are prioritized according to the level of interest indicated by countries during the early stages of the ICO.

People wonder how much money people / investors would have now if they bought Bitcoin for $ 100 in 2010? Let’s say it! It would now cost around $ 4 million.

According to projections, some experts estimate that this figure will be ten times higher in 2025 than it is currently. There are many opportunities to invest in the field of crypto. As a result, it generates solutions to real problems, such as FLDBcoin, which will be highly regarded in the future.

The world is changing at an accelerating pace every day, and there are many opportunities for technological advancements and disruptive businesses. FLDBcoin could be an important investment opportunity for freelancers and investors. Make investments in stages and don’t miss this opportunity.

How to get FLDBcoin?
Once logged in through the site’s membership panel, you can easily shop. Pay Coinpayments and Coinbase are used as structure. FLDBcoin vs USDT, LTC, BNB and TRX which you can receive. It is currently in phase 5 and costs $ 0.0085. There are details of the website video available.

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