The French Senate should amend the general security law to make it compatible with human rights

In a letter to the president and members of the French Senate Law Commission, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Dunja Mijatović, urges senators to make substantial changes to the draft law on general security to make it more respectful of human rights.

The Commissioner invites senators to lift the ban, imposed by article 24 of the bill, on disseminating images of the faces of law enforcement officers engaged in police operations, or any other means of preventing them. identify, with the clear intention of doing them physical acts or psychological harm. “This ban is an attack on the right to freedom of expression, which includes the freedom to impart information, and is likely to exacerbate the breach of trust between part of the population and parts of the police, which will not help to protect them, ”said the commissioner. It recalls that the European Court of Human Rights has recognized the crucial role played by the media in informing the public about the management of public demonstrations by the authorities and considers that the violation by Article 24 of the freedom of disclosing information is particularly unjustified in view of the fact that law enforcement officials are already protected against such damage by many existing legal provisions.

The Commissioner also recommends measures to strengthen the right to privacy. This implies limiting more strictly the conditions listed in articles 20 to 20ter of the bill concerning access to video surveillance images of public spaces and certain private spaces.

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The French Senate should amend the general security bill to make it compatible with human rights

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