The French Senate votes to ban the headscarf during sports competitions

The French Senate voted on Tuesday to ban the headscarf during sports competitions.

In a vote of 160 to 143, the Senate passed an amendment saying “Wearing the veil in sports competitions” is prohibited, The Associated Press reported.

“Today, there is legal uncertainty about the wearing of religious symbols, and it is necessary for the state to clearly define the rules,” the amendment reads. “If the wearing of the veil is not explicitly prohibited, we could see the emergence of community sports clubs promoting certain religious symbols.”

The amendment states that people should be freely allowed to practice their religion but should not show their differences to the outside.

The amendment could still be deleted, as the Lower House and the Senate must rectify the differences in the texts between the two before it can be published, according to the AP.

The move follows other rules banning religious symbols in France, including in schools.

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It is unclear whether the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris would be affected by this amendment. The French football federation has already banned the wearing of headscarves during matches, according to the AP.

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